Pearl Clouds

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Type de ChansonOriginale
Style MusicalRnB
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L'histoire de Pearl Clouds

Les paroles de Pearl Clouds

A wad of cash
A private driver
Cause ur single
U need a castle?
Who doesn’t dream of that?
Who needs that?

Could u smile, at me, if the streets were my home?

Could u smile, at me, if drugs were, my routine?

Could u smile, at me, if I’d spend some, years in jail?

A smile, never ripped someone’s face… YEAH

Don’t only look with ur eyes,
stop pretending ur interested
Only the money and the rich dicks
make u vibrate
Ur smile will not fool me at all.. I’m not ur toy. Bitch, we don’t play in the same yard
So, get out of here

The sun rises today
Still goin’ strong than yesterday
He’s shinin’, independent, of this system Uncontrollable
Maybe he enlightens your ideas, but not enough You are lounging underneath
Hoping darken your skin
Resembling a damn churros
But it’s never nah, never too much

All ur make up could be used,
to reseal the hole in the ozone layer

Could you live, without fancy, without spangle, without excess Could u live, without fears, without complaints, without distress Cause’ U will not take all that money where you’re goin’..


I’m dreamin’ of a world,
where human relationships,
would be as simple as when we shared our snacks at recess..

But you don’t hear the call.
Too busy to understand
Too dazed by the abundance, accumulation.. you’re stuck in the gear.

How many lies? Can we believe?
How many lives lost, Can we grieve? How many i-shits do you need?
To be more confidente in yourself again? How many cars?
How many wars?
How many computers to run the world? Come! Have fun! In our party!


Don’t only look with your eyes and claim you’re interested

Only the money and the rich dicks
Make you vibrate
Your smile will not fool me at all

I’m not your toy
Bitch, We don’t play in the same yard So get out of here..

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Chanson "Yesterday".

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